• Miniature Golf $7.50

    Includes one round on our challenging 18-hole course. The first 9 holes are wheelchair accessible.

  • Arcade $5.00

    Includes 24 arcade tokens.

  • Jungle Gym $5.00

    This activity is geared for children ages 3 to 12. Children ages 2 and under are $2.50 each. Adult supervision is required. All children must wear socks in the play area.

  • Batting Cages $2.00

    One token includes 25 pitches. Helmets are provided and full face guard is required. Bats are provided and batting gloves are recommended.

  • Train Rides $3.00

    One ticket includes one train ride. Add gemstone mining for $8 per bag.


Please respect our posted rules while visiting our facility.

Facility Rules:

  • All visitors must follow posted rules
  • No outside food or drink permitted
  • No alcohol, smoking, vaping, or tobacco products allowed
  • No cursing or offensive language

Height Requirements:
Please measure your child before purchasing tickets

  • 56″+ to drive go-karts
  • 42″+ to ride yellow water slide
  • 45″+ to ride red water slide
  • 38-58″ to ride go-kart with an adult

Water Park Rules:

  1. No running or horseplay
  2. Appropriate swim attire is required (no jeans)
  3. No regular diapers allowed (special swim diapers required)
  4. No food, drink, or gum in the pool or spark park
  5. No floating devices or toys allowed (certified life jacket permitted)
  6. No diving or jumping in the pool

Go-Kart Rules:

  1. All loose clothing and hair longer than shoulder length must be secured
  2. Shoes (no sandals or flip-flops) and shirt must be worn
  3. No eating or drinking in the track area
  4. Keep both hands on steering wheel and both feet in the go-kart at all times
  5. Do not bump, skid, or slide go-karts
  6. Slow down when entering the pit and wait for attendant’s instructions
  7. Seat belts must be worn at all times
  8. No cell-phone use while driving or riding go-karts