Nature Zone

This highly interactive area is a chance for kids of all ages to learn and play. Explore each room and discover something new.


Light & Color

Manipulate light with our fiber optics tools. Check out the optical illusions. Leave your shadow on the wall. There are also mirrors, a hologram, a periscope, kaleidoscopes, games, and windows of color to aid you in learning about light and color.

Air & Water

Experiment with water currents using our water table. What happens when you send a ball over a waterfall? Aim our air blasters at the targets. Use air to “play” the organ pipes. Use our air currents to move balls, or perhaps you’ll get them stuck! Can you get them moving again?

Rocks & Plants

Use magnifiers to see rock patterns and colors close-up. Pretend to plant a garden of vegetables, or gather the apples and pears from the trees. Learn about native wildflowers by playing an identifying game with our realistic display.

Space & Magnets

Make your own constellation on the wall, Use our collection of magnets for experiments, or just build something that looks "cool" with our magnetic toys. Enjoy our “planetarium room” with the rotating earth that shows the seasons as well as day and night. Get ready for the fun by sending golf balls down the clear tubes on the wall.

Birds & Fish

Climbing through a tree that leads to our bird observation room. While you are there, you can manipulate the displays to learn some bird calls. There are also many games, puzzles, and displays for you to learn from.

Animals & Insects

Use our woodland puppet theater and realistic looking woodland creatures for your entertainment.Many of our guests are fascinated by observing our live, working bee colony close-up. See if you can find the queen of the hive!


This is the room where you can observe our live creatures. We have fish tanks and turtles. One of the main features of the room is the aviary with varieties of parakeets, but our displays include our lovable bearded dragon and two Caiques (that talk, sometimes!) Our flowing stream ends in a goldfish pond, and you can enter the cave to see our fluorescent rocks.